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Let Our Westchester County Attorneys Handle The Drafting And Reviewing Of Your Construction Contract

The best foundation for your construction project is a strong contract. In theory, if a contract is well-drafted, everyone will understand what is expected of them and the project will proceed smoothly. You need a lawyer who understands the proper drafting and reviewing of construction contracts to make sure your contract will stand up to scrutiny if conflicts arise.

The lawyers at Sesti Law Firm PC have been drafting and reviewing contracts at all levels of the construction industry from the firm’s inception. We understand the construction industry and the problems that can arise. We have seen the damage a poorly drafted contract can cause and recognize these issues.

Our firm drafts, reviews and edits a wide variety of construction contracts and general conditions between owners and contractors, and contractors and subcontractors in and around New York, including:

  • Lump sum contracts
  • Cost of work plus fee contracts
  • Construction manager at risk with guaranteed maximum price contracts
  • Requirements contracts
  • Early start agreements
  • Access agreements
  • Preconstruction services agreements
  • Owner-contractor agency contracts
  • Project representative agreements
  • Subcontracts and consultant agreements associated with all of the above.

The Benefits Of Having An Attorney Work On Your Contract

There are a lot of contract forms available on the Internet and in books that cover the basics of any agreement between two parties for a construction project. However, these are generic forms and do not take the specifics of your job into account. You are less likely to come up against contractual difficulties if you have your contract drafted or reviewed by an attorney.You must know the risks that you have undertaken and the remedies available to you. Our firm can help.

Our firm regularly reviews and edits contracts, as well as analysis and distribution of risk, for companies of all sizes with projects in White Plains and the surrounding areas, including major international construction firms. We have the skill and knowledge to craft a contract that fits the unique needs of your project and will protect you in the event of a contractor dispute.

Let Us Protect Your Interests

Call our office at 914-227-2420 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your construction contract needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.