I Construction​Speak With Our Westchester County Attorneys About Ways To Resolve Your Construction Defect Concerns

A construction defect can cripple a project or cause serious problems for building occupants and owners later on. As soon as you discover a construction defect, or are accused of a construction defect, you need an experienced lawyer to pursue a remedy or to defend you.

At Sesti Law Firm PC, we understand the severity of problems that construction defects can cause and how quickly losses can spiral out of control. We understand that sometimes there are gray areas between design defects and construction defects and we can recognize the difference. Construction defects often involve complex construction law issues, which Sesti Law is well-prepared to handle. The remedy could lie in enforcing a contractor’s warranty.

Our firm represents many clients handling construction projects in New York, including major international construction companies and small subcontractors, in a wide variety of construction law issues. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to resolve your construction defect concern efficiently and effectively.

Finding The Best Solution For Everyone Involved

Construction defects can be minor annoyances or they can be life-threatening concerns. Everyone involved has something at stake and wants to see the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Our attorneys will find the extent of your insurance coverage for the problem and determine what the difference may be between the coverage and the overall cost. They will analyze the nature of the defect to determine the contributing factors and pursue all avenues of restitution. This may include remedies from other parties involved in your project.

Whenever possible, we use alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration to find a solution everyone can agree upon. If we cannot come to a reasonable settlement, we will pursue litigation when necessary.

Trust Our Lawyers To Make Sure Your Construction Defects Are Resolved

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