I Construction​Let Our Westchester County Attorneys Resolve Your Insurance Coverage Dispute

As a property owner, contractor or subcontractor, you purchase an insurance policy with the expectation that when a problem arises, your claim will be covered. Insurance companies frequently deny claims based on misinterpretation of their own coverage policies. They also have attorneys to defend their positions. You need the same aggressive representation to protect your interests.

Sesti Law Firm PC, in White Plains, New York, has been serving the construction industry since 1996, resolving construction law issues of all kinds for everyone from subcontractors and materialmen to major international construction firms. We have experience with insurance coverage disputes, including workers’ compensation matters, and will work in an efficient and cost-effective manner to ensure you receive the insurance coverage you pay for.

Holding Insurance Companies To Their Contracts

Injuries to construction workers and property damage that occurs during construction or is caused by construction defects should be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, many insurance companies deny claims and refuse to give representation in a lawsuit. If your construction project is affected by an insurance coverage dispute, you need a skilled lawyer to sort out the details and ensure that the cost of the damage is covered.

We will review your insurance policy as well as the denial of your claim to look for inconsistencies. Frequently, we are able to negotiate directly with the insurance company or work with a mediator to come to a reasonable settlement for coverage of your claim. Our goal is to resolve the issue in the most expedient manner possible.

If the insurance company refuses to honor its contract with you, we will pursue a remedy through arbitration or litigation. While these methods can be more time-consuming and expensive, they may be the only course you have to persuade the insurance company to honor your claim.

Get The Coverage You Pay For

Call our office at 914-227-2420 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your insurance coverage dispute. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.