I ConstructionOur Westchester County Lawyers Handle Surety Bond Issues From All Sides

Surety bonds are used in the construction industry to protect parties when issues such as nonpayment or failure to complete a project arise. Whether you are defending against claims on your bond or you need to file a claim against a bond, you need a skilled attorney to protect your interests.

The attorneys of Sesti Law Firm PC are intimately familiar with the many difficulties surrounding the completion of and payment for construction projects and the necessity of surety bonds to cover these issues. We have resolved many construction law surety matters for companies working in White Plains and throughout New York. We will walk you through the process and work hard to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Covering Contingencies

Surety bonds are put in place to ensure that certain contingencies are covered. These can include:

  • Performance bonds — to protect an owner’s ability to complete a project in the event of a contractor default.
  • Payment bonds — to protect subcontractors, workers, suppliers and others in the event of nonpayment.
  • Lien discharge bonds — to remove a mechanic’s lien against a property or against a government contract.

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing either side on surety bond claims, including principals who are defending the use of their bonds and claimants who are seeking restitution from the bonds. We will guide you through the process from filing your claim to negotiation or mediation to find a compromise, to bringing your case to court.

Let Us Help You Protect Or Collect On A Surety Bond

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